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Find small business loans through the Pittsburgh Business Lending Network

The Pittsburgh Business Lending Network simplifies the process of getting a business loan by connecting you to mission-driven lenders based in Pittsburgh and Southwestern PA.

Our Partners

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Our partners include:

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Keyla and Tim, owners of Casa Brasil (Pittsburgh), raised a $90,000 crowdfunded loan on Honeycomb Credit

Local sources of capital, accessible to you with one form

What businesses are eligible?

Eligible businesses include retail businesses, service businesses, restaurants, small-batch manufacturers, and makers. Nonprofit organizations may also be eligible for some of our lending partners. Businesses at any stage of operation are encouraged to submit a form.


Non-independently owned gas stations, multi-level marketing enterprises, used car lots, adult entertainment establishments, check-cashing outlets, and furniture and appliance rental shops are not eligible for organizations for our partner lenders.


Using this resource is free.​

How does this work?

This website works in three simple steps.​

  1. Submit an interest form. This form will ask you for basic information about your business. This form will be forwarded to all the local lenders in the network

  2. Once you complete the form, your information will be shared with members and if your project and capital needs match available resources, members of the network will contact you within five business days.

  3. Begin the application process with the lender(s) of your choice. 

About the Pittsburgh Business Lending Network

The Pittsburgh Business Lending Network is a group of nonprofit/for-profit lenders, and other funders working together to improve access to capital for small businesses throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. Member organizations provide loans, grants, and technical assistance to small businesses in order to help them start and grow.

This form is not a loan application and there is no guarantee of approval from any of the network members. If one of the members is interested in working with you, they will contact you directly within 5 business days for more information.

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